Our founders experience in the cannabis industry dates back to 2008, when he germinated his first seed. Like the seed, his passion & experience grew quickly. Through his career, he had the opportunity to travel the world implementing technology that enabled regulated cannabis markets to thrive.

Today, Sabia works with small & large operators as well as state & federal governments internationally. We help development & analyze regulatory and compliance frameworks for new and existing cannabis markets. We manage implementation and improvements to traceability systems & SOPs.

Regulatory and Operational Consulting

Cannabis and Mycology

Government Regulation

Draft, Implement & Improve regulations

Best Practices and Optimization

SOP & Traceablity best practices for Operators & Regulators

Mushroom Cultivation Startup

Pre & Post-operational Consulting focused on medicinal fungi

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Let's Talk About Cannabis 3.0

This panel consists of experts in R&D, innovation and technology applicable to the cannabis industry. They contribute their knowledge and vision of what the current and future state of the global industry will look like and what benefits it brings to the overall development process.

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