Growing comprehension of scripture one blog post at once

Growing comprehension of scripture one blog post at once

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Later on, inside sections eleven–14, Nephi and profile an eyesight out of their own in which of many of the elements of Lehi’s dream are explained to your let off a couple messengers: “the latest Spirit of one’s Lord” and you may an enthusiastic angel

[Web page 269] Abstract: Lehi’s dream from inside the step one Nephi 8 and Nephi’s relevant sight in 1 Nephi eleven–14 have of a lot enjoys connected with brand new biblical yard out of Paradise, together with most prominently the brand new tree of lifestyle. A close training of the attributes of Lehi’s dream for the light of the earliest Guide regarding Mormon text shows further similarities so you’re able to the latest biblical yard, recommending your form from Lehi’s fantasy is basically the garden off Eden. But the variations also are academic. They might be both substantive has missing in the biblical Heaven and you can variations in what always define the advantages. Certain variant possess are also included in most other ancient development levels. In view ones observations, it is likely the publication away from Mormon presupposes a version account of your lawn out of Eden. It variant account variations the backdrop to have Lehi’s dream as well as for almost every other references for the garden from the Book out of Mormon.

“a forest, whose fruits are liked by generate one pleased”; the brand new fruit is also called nice and extremely light (step one Nephi 8:10–12)

[Webpage 270] “a lake away from drinking water … near the forest,” that have a “head” or “head of one’s fountain” (step 1 Nephi 8:13–fourteen, 17, 20, 26, 32)

“an effective strait step one and you can slim roadway, which came along from the pole of metal” and you may “which provided (un)into forest” (step one Nephi 8:20–23)

Some of these topographic keeps is actually demonstrated differently when you look at the Nephi’s eyes in 1 Nephi eleven–fourteen. For instance, it looks as if there are two fountains in Nephi’s vision, not just one. Nephi refers to one of many fountains since if they had been sometimes really close to the forest or at least even coming from it, to possess the guy produces that the rod out of metal lead to so it fountain, “or,” according to him, “for the tree of lifestyle.” This water feature Nephi phone calls “this new fountain off life style oceans … and that oceans are a reflection of your own love of Goodness” (step 1 Nephi ). The second water fountain is actually stated afterwards because of the Nephi’s angelic guide: “View the water fountain of dirty h2o hence thy father saw; yea, possibly the lake from which the guy spake; plus the depths thereof are the deepness away from hell” (step 1 Nephi ). Afterwards, Nephi affirms one to Lehi had seen the dirty lake, however, that the proven fact that it was filthy wasn’t part regarding Lehi’s specific description (step one Nephi ).

The brand new direct topographic popular features of Lehi’s fantasy, just like the submitted inside 1 Nephi 8, will be placed in order off looks the following:

Another topographic ability shown differently within the Nephi’s membership is really what stands within tree additionally the higher and you can spacious strengthening. Nephi describes a great “high,” “terrible,” and “terrible gulf” you to sets apart the sinful members of the good and you will large building regarding the righteous someone nearby the forest away from existence (step one Nephi ; ). It gulf is not explicitly mentioned inside the Lehi’s dysfunction away from his fantasy (no less than in terms of which description is said by the Nephi). Within his after that cause from his wish to their brothers, Nephi means it gulf of mexico to your dirty river (step one Nephi ).

Inside the a beneficial 1993 article, Corbin Volluz compared Lehi’s fantasy into the yard out-of Paradise while the discussed for the Genesis 2–step three. 2 Based on Volluz, Nephi’s statement you to definitely “new justice out-of Jesus performed in addition to separate the new sinful regarding righteous” (step one Nephi ) is associated with the current presence of brand new “cherubim and a great flaming sword” put on entrances toward lawn regarding Heaven (Genesis 3:24; Alma ; 42:2–3). 3 Volluz plus connects brand new “strait and you can narrow road” off Lehi’s fantasy towards “way of the tree regarding life” that cherubim safeguarded according Adventist dating review to Genesis 3:twenty-four. cuatro Volluz concludes that tree from inside the Lehi’s fantasy, and that Nephi calls the “forest out of lives,” are the one and only the newest tree out-of lifestyle regarding the backyard from Eden.

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